Advanced Product Testing

Qualitas offers you access to a comprehensive array of chemical and materials analysis facilities backed up by experienced impartial professionals ready to provide solutions to your technical problems. With our extensive knowledge and the diverse selection of analytical techniques at our disposal, we can provide independent fast accurate analysis and support for our clients in a cost-efficient way.


advanced product

Products we test


  • Perfumes
  • Face & Body Care Creams
  • Hair Creams


  • Washing Liquids – Hand wash/Shower Gel/Shampoo/Body Wash
  • Cleaning Liquids – Dish Wash/Oven Cleaner/ Multi-purpose Cleaner
  • Dry & Wet Chemical Analysis
  • Grease Remover Testing
  • Porcelain Cleaner
  • Fabric Softener

Materials Testing

  • Cement Analysis
  • Soil Analysis – Sand/Rock
  • Copper Ore Analysis
  • Surfactants Chemicals